The Classroom Reading Inventory is a quick, easy-to-use professional tool for classroom teachers and reading specialists to accurately diagnosis the reading levels of individual students. This official Classroom Reading Inventory website is designed to provide to the purchaser downloadable scoring forms and reading case studies of common reading and learning problems encountered by teachers.

In use for over 40 years, the CRI is a classic in its field.

Administered in 15 minutes or less

The Classroom Reading Inventory provides a step-by-step process so that a teacher can administer the inventory in 15 minutes or less to accurately and quickly diagnose a student’s reading grade level, listening capacity and individual skills.

Appropriate for all reading levels and ages

The Classroom Reading Inventory is an all-in-one assessment kit for all reading levels, and is suitable for administration to both children K-12 and to adults. It models and shows how the text is administered and scored and what the results mean for practical application and remediation. Alternate assessment forms give the teacher additional flexibility and options in re-testing remedial students and assessing their specific skill progress.

Designed for the needs of teachers

The Classroom Inventory is specially prepared for teachers and pre-service students with little or no experience with informal reading inventories, making it an excellent text for professors of education responsible for reading and literacy courses. It meets the needs of practicing teachers in the field, pre-service teachers being certified in reading and graduate students returning to renew and upgrade their state accreditation. The Classroom Reading Inventory is a good professional investment for educators, and can be used throughout the teacher’s professional career.

Helpful to parents and supporters of literacy

Helping students learn to read successfully is one of the most important priorities for parents, families, policy makers and the business community. The Classroom Reading Inventory website supports the specific diagnostic needs of classroom teachers, and also helps parents and supporters of literacy learn more about reading effectiveness through monthly news, FAQs, publication reviews or other reports on important research.

Downloadable forms eliminate reordering

Permission is granted to the purchaser of The Classroom Reading Inventory to make copies of inventory pages through downloadable forms available in this website, eliminating the need to reorder assessment forms and making it a relevant and viable diagnosis tool for years of use.